Hip/hop was conceived as an emotional genre. The core of every rap and every rhyme prior to its acceptance into mainstream music was about portraying some sense of vulnerability. Through honest unfiltered poetry, hip/hop artist are able to express their observations about the communities around them, the trouble in their lives and the aspiration for a better tomorrow. These core principles are still present today but within the race of becoming the next big club hit, the substance in every word expressed has faded away. Los Angeles based emcee Azad Right is no stranger to the struggles of the grind required to make it in this business but through his genuine thought-out verses he makes it seem so easy. Rhyming over one of the most popular indie tracks of all time might not be original but with a flawless execution, Azad Right pulls off a freestyle that makes you take notice. We have heard countless remixes and mixtapes using The Xx’s “Intro” throughout the many months it has been released yet Azad is one of the few artists that gives it justice.

Download: The XX – Intro (Azad Right Freestyle)

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