We spend a lot of time listening to music to bring you guys the latest and greatest. Sometimes that gets a little tiring, and it’s nice to go to back to our personal playlists and jam something we truly love. While this song is a little older for what we typically post, it’s one of my all time favorites. “Am I wry? No” from the Danish Indie band Mew, is originally from the album Half the World is Watching Me. You can also find it on Frengers, as well as the compilation CD Eggs Are Funny.

This particular song is a little faster paced than others on this album, and has a great cross between indie rock and shoegaze pop. Lead singer Jonas Bjerre’s voice dreamily carries over fits of fast-paced drumming and soft,melodic breaks, creating something amazing from start to finish.

Make sure to support the band, and go pick up their albums on iTunes.

Mew – Am I wry? No

’Mew – Am I wry No.mp3′
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