Amy Stroup

When you first hear her voice come streaming through your speakers, you may feel like you have stepped back into an 80’s pop music scene.
But that is just one of the joys of Amy Stroup and her uniquely beautiful voice, with a lowness and sass that captivates the eardrums and leaves a mark.

Growing up a musical child, taking piano lessons when she was little and then making songs from each chord she learned, to traveling with her family singing the alto section, to teaching herself guitar in the backyard of her family’s Texas ranch when she was in middle school, Stroup is no stranger to the essence of music. She is an independent songwriter living in Nashville whose songs have been featured in over twenty shows and has released 3 digital EPs and one nationally full length solo recorded called “The Other Side of Love Sessions”. Her new song “Falling” we have the pleasure of premiering on TMN, a song off her upcoming album. The song is indie meets pop, with Stroup’s seductive vocals telling the story of the possibility of falling in love and what we are capable of in doing so. The melodies are soft, with small drum beats, a splash of tambourine and guitars stringing together something simply addicting. After this release, we are definitely falling for Miss Stroup.

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