Going from public local radio to world tours seems like the ingredients for a great smoothie. Anna Lunoe has had a hell of a career this far. Collaborating with some of the biggest names in deep house, techno, nu-disco, and most recently, rap covers. She’s just wrapped up a massive tour with Bag Raiders, covered J. Cole records with AC Slater, and has records coming out on new labels, with new people, in a new game.

On a recent Tuesday, Anna is in LA working with her team on her next tour. Three days later, she’s in Denver performing to a sold out audience. Although relatively new to the scene, she looks relaxed and focused while methodically choosing each part of her eclectic set.The audience isn’t just receptive; they’re glowing. The essence of the deep house / nudisco genres is resonating between bodies, and they’re in sync. Needless to say, it’s fucking beautiful.

TMN: Talk to us about your transition from Sydney’s youth station to your current status.

AL: I was doing radio for a year or two, then I started programming music and djing. That was like a stepping-stone that was really great for me because I had to listen to a lot of promos and had to decipher what I liked and didn’t like, and my opinion was essentially what carried me through. I didn’t really have a large audience at first because I grew so organically. Obviously, I was really nervous, but worked really hard slowly build steadily.

TMN: Was there a big transition from Australia to the US?

AL: The transition wasn’t that bad! I’d been playing in America for the last few years but once I got here it kind of settled in how risky it all is. Luckily the gigs have been rolling in, I didn’t think about it at first but I’m confident with where I’m at.

TMN: You’ve now worked with Wax Motif, Touch Sensitive, Flume, and now AC Slater.

AL: Working with everyone has been really fun; everyone has pretty much been friends and every time is different. I either come in with a preconceived notion of what I want to do or go in and wing it and see what happens. When I originally brought a little sketch to Flume he bounced off that and I gave him the session. ‘I Met You’ was originally like a late 90’s Janet Jackson–esque track and he changed the whole vibe into a disco thing and then we rewrote, rehashed etc. Touch sensitive and I went in with no idea what we wanted to do, and out popped Real Talk.

TMN: Similar story with AC Slater?

AL: With AC Slater we brainstormed what cover we wanted to do and decided on J.Cole. I am singing on the track, I did choir and musicals and some singing lessons growing up and all sorts of dorky things, but I’ve never really thought of myself as a singer. I still co-produce everything, there’s always some attitude I throw in the mix. I think of my singing as basically a production tool.

TMN: Sounds similar to Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs?

AL: We may or may not have made a song together. Until things are finalized my lips are sealed. That said, there are pictures on my website. Nothing is TOO secretive.

TMN: You’ve released on several different record labels, why?

AL: I release on what fits. I’m still working out on what production I’m doing it was basically make what I want to make with no preconception. Some people find it better to work with one label and stick with it, I like to shop around a bit because my sound changes a lot. That said, I will be sticking to one label in the near future which will be announced soon.

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