Welcome to the circus.

But instead of clowns being blasted out of a cannon, instead of a lion jumping through a ring of fire, instead of the tight rope walker carefully tip-toeing twelve stories above the crowd, this circus consists of a group of artists who like to refer to themselves as “The Shady Bunch”. If you are a fan of dub and trap music then you are no stranger to Circus Records, the brainchild of Doctor P and Flux Pavilion. TMN had the opportunity to sit down with Doctor P and ask him about the newly released Shady Bunch EP which is now available for purchase on the Circus site. This EP is only available on their website, a tribute to the fans, Doctor P told us. There are amazing songs on this EP from artists such as Brown and Gammon, Funtcase and newly added Circus member Mizuki. The artists were asked to contribute songs they are working on and from there the favorites were chosen for this heart-pounding, head-banging 8-track EP.

Make sure to check out this Circus of crazy characters.

TMN: First off we just want to say thanks for taking the time to sit down with us today; We’re huge fans of Circus records and all the amazing artists on the label.

So tell us about this new project, The Shady Bunch, which came out December 16th. It is a huge collaboration of all the boys on the Circus circuit, can you tell us what went in to making this full EP?

Dr. P: We basically started off by deciding we wanted to do an EP featuring all of the artists on the label, and also to sell it directly through our website instead of itunes/beatport etc. Everybody sent in music they were working on and we picked the ones we liked the most out of the selection!

TMN: We at TMN are huge fans of Flux and we know you have been friends with him since childhood. You two are behind creating Circus Records, so tell me what it is like working closely with your friend and fellow dub artist?

Dr. P: It’s cool to be doing this with somebody I already knew very well. The music industry can be a cold and hostile place sometimes, so it’s cool that we can be friends outside of music as well.

TMN: When you first began making music, your name was DJ Picto. When you moved into the dubstep genre you changed your name to Doctor P. Tell us, why the name change and why Doctor P?

Dr. P: I actually started making dubstep as a bit of fun on the side, and when it came to releasing a track I wanted to use a different name, just in case everyone hated it! The dubstep quickly took over my time and it ended up being my main focus!

TMN: “Sweet Shop” is still one of my favorite dub songs. When was the moment you decided to try making dubstep music?
Dr. P: I think it was when I heard Rusko’s ‘Cockney Thug’; it was very inspiring for me, and many other people I think.

TMN: Now for some fun questions, let’s say for example you were not making music (please don’t let that happen) but hypothetically, what would you see yourself doing?

Dr. P: If I gave up music entirely I think I would like to be some kind of skilled craftsman… making furniture or something!

TMN: A TMN question we ask all the artists, if your music was an animal, what animal would it be and why?

Dr P: A sloth in a hat

TMN: Last but not least, the fans are always wondering, what is on the horizon for Doctor P?

Dr. P: I plan to just keep doing what I’ve always done; making whatever music I feel like making and hoping that somebody somewhere likes it.

TMN: Thank you so much for hanging with us today and we can’t wait to see what you and the Shady bunch have in store for us in 2013.

’Roksonix – Music In Me (Doctor P Remix)’
’Brown & Gammon – Disco Music (Circus Records)’
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