Ever since first cropping up on our Ninja radar back in 2014 with the underground sweeping single “Thinking About It”, Just Kiddin’, the British House duo comprised of Lewis Thompson and Laurie Revel, have held down a tender place within many of our writers’ hearts. Formed in 2010 and originating from the small town of Kettering, Northamptonshire, England, Just Kiddin’ have quickly become one of the hottest acts in all of Club-Land over the last few years, and for good reason. We had the chance to catch up with Lewis & Laurie not long after wrapping up their most recent North American tour & behind the release of their latest music video for “Fall For You” (see below to watch the entire piece); and as always the two brought a smile to our face while dropping some insight into what’s been going on with them as well. Read the transcript of our entire conversation below, and be on the lookout for more music from Just Kiddin’ very soon.

The Music Ninja: First off, thanks so much for taking the time to sit down and answer a few questions on behalf of TMN. We’ve been following you guys pretty closely since all the way back in August of 2014. So thanks again, we’re very excited to pick your brains. Let’s just get right after it! After a bit (read: a lot!) of background research on you guys, we came across some interesting arcs to the Just Kiddin’ saga. Lewis & Laurie, you both grew up in the same town of Kettering, and from what we understand, were near the same social circles, and both grew up with more traditional music backgrounds as well. With those rich musical histories, how did you both manage to fall in with each other in a musical capacity, and what led you both towards the world of club & electronic music; and also why did you decide to apply your talents in that direction?

Just Kiddin (Lewis): Good researching! Laurie & I have been friends since we were about 13, from a young age we got into electronic music together really, hence why our tastes are so similar. We tried to go down the band route originally, but got frustrated with organising band practise and how long things can take. I think this impatience made us grab copies of some music production software, and there’s been no looking back ever since!

The Music Ninja:You guys had early releases as Just Kiddin’ on Nurvous, HK & Exploited before becoming an Eton Messy staple. Obviously, Eton Messy has released and pushed some of your most notable tunes. How did you guys end up getting involved with the YouTube page turned club night, record label and electronic industry leaders? We assume you guys have a pretty solid relationship with the number of releases you’ve had under their banner.

Just Kiddin’: We love the guys at Eton Messy, they’re our good friends and we’ve had some wicked times together. We originally met them at a club night we played at in Bristol after they had been supporting our music on the channel, we hit it off and then decided to release “Thinking About It” with them.

The Music Ninja: Do you both consider Eton Messy to be a home of sorts for Just Kiddin’?

Just Kiddin’: Yes and no really. Like we said, we love the Eton Messy guys and really appreciate the help they’ve given us along the way. But we don’t want to state one place as our home and sounds & styles can change.

The Music Ninja:Your last release was the original record “Fall For You”, for which the official music video recently dropped as well (watch the whole thing above). It’s got quite the buoyant, summery feel to it. Do you think of Just Kiddin’ as maintaining a certain aesthetic and sound, or do you feel you both can go in any number of directions with the project?

Just Kiddin’: Thanks, pleased you like it. We started Just Kiddin for our friends really, so our music is always trying to capture the feeling of togetherness. We feel as though we could go in several directions, but we’ve got a pretty clear idea of where we want to take things. Hopefully over the coming months you’ll get to see where that is.

The Music Ninja: Just Kiddin’ has put out quite the sterling number of both originals and remixes. How do things differ between the world of original productions and the remix game, and which side of the producer’s coin do you guys prefer to be on?

Just Kiddin’: Thanks. We spend a lot more time over originals to be honest. We’re really precious about them and starting an idea from scratch can take time. Remixes are easier for us, probably because when we started making music we sampled a lot, so we come from a remixing background. We love doing remixes, but there’s no better feeling than releasing an original song and seeing it react in a club!

The Music Ninja: How about for the rest of 2016. What else is coming down the pipe release or tour wise? Or anything else exciting?

Just Kiddin: More music. We’ve got so much stuff finished at the moment, it’s very exciting. We’re potentially going to release a few more club-orientated options (taking things back to our roots) in-between bigger single releases. Tour-wise we have nothing to announce at the moment, but hopefully we’ll have something soon.

The Music Ninja: You guys just finished a pretty lengthy North American tour (I actually got to see you guys with Shiba San in Denver!). How was your taste of the U.S. & Canada this time around? Were there any high or lowlights from the many dates you guys played?

Just Kiddin’: Sweet, hope you had a good one – Denver is awesome! We love playing in North America, being that far from home and hearing people sing your music is a strange feeling – sometimes hard to believe! So many highlights such as deep dish pizza in Chicago and sushi in Vancouver! The shows were amazing too, big shout outs to Electric Forest, Splash House, Primary in Chicago and Folsom 1015 in SF. Lowlight was probably the most recent visit to play at Camp Bisco, which involved a big flight delay and us almost running over a bear! Full story is here (link to FB post), it was a scary experience, but we made it to the show which was great in the end.

The Music Ninja: Staying on that live show tip. Just Kiddin’ has earned the warranted reputation of putting on shows more exciting than the typical brooding DJ sets we’re so often privy to in club-land. Have there been any memorable recent shows where the crowd was just devouring everything you guys were laying down?

Just Kiddin’: Definitely! Primary in Chicago, Folsom 1015 in SF and Electric Forest all spring to mind here. When the crowd has that much confidence in you, you feel 10 feet tall – any DJ will tell you, these shows are the best.

The Music Ninja: Awesome stuff. Okay time for the lightning round! Just simple, one response answers from here on out. What was the last concert you actually paid your own money to attend?

Laurie: Darius in Vancouver 2016.

Lewis: Tourist in Leeds 2014. (I’m the tight one)

The Music Ninja: Do you have a favorite record store of all time in Kettering? Or any in general?

Just Kiddin’: There aren’t any record stores in Kettering unfortunately, it’s a small town with not a lot to do other than make music apparently! Rockaboom in Leicester was always great, but like many it unfortunately shut down a few years back.

The Music Ninja: What is your guys’ drink of choice while performing?

Just Kiddin’: Coconut Water.

The Music Ninja: And finally, do you have a favorite House or Dance record of all time?

Just Kiddin’: Modjo – “Lady”

Well, Lewis & Laurie, we can’t wait to catch up with you both again, especially the next time we find ourselves occupying the same city! We’re looking forward to see what else comes out of the Just Kiddin’ camp to round out 2016, and you can bet we will have our Ninja support all over it! Thanks gentlemen so much again!

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