Sam F ft. The Lonely Island & Lil Jon
When Will The Bass Drop (Slander Festival Trap Edit)

SoCal residents Slander granted us a few moments to sit down and speak with them. Before asking them any questions, I mentioned their remix of Sam F ft. The Lonely Island & Lil Jon – “When Will The Bass Drop”. Scott totally flipped things on me and asked “did the bass drop hard enough?” Davincii would be very proud of this remix; let’s just say it drops so hard you would think heads are going to explode. Warning: Don’t Actually Turn Up To Death. We love you!

When Slander recently came to play in Orlando, we sat down with them before their show and got some perspective on who they are.

TMN: If you guys each had a choice to pick an artist to colab’ with, who would you pick?

Derek: “TNGHT if they got back together.”
Scott: “GTA”

TMN: Given the opportunity to play any venue, where would you pick?

Both members agreed that they would want to play Red Rocks in CO.

TMN: Say you had a message to share with up and coming artists. What would your message be?

Derek: “Make music that you like and don’t make music for other people. If you find a sound that you really like, that’s what’s going to motivate you to keep making music. You have to do it for yourself first before you start doing it for other people.”
Scott adds: “If you find yourself in a position where you’re really enjoying a different type of music, always make sure that the music that you’re making will be playable in your set. You don’t want to put yourself in a position where you’re making music that you can’t play in your set.”

TMN: Do either of you have any side or solo projects?

Derek: “Right now we just do Slander.”
Scott: “Yeah and we’re just getting the ball rolling too.”

TMN: Imagine a world where time machines exist. What time period would you go to and why?

Derek: “I would want to go in the future. I think it would be super cool to download your brain into another body or robot and live on forever.”
Scott: “I’d want to back in time. Like prehistoric shit like that, just to know if it’s bullshit or not. That’s what I would do.”

TMN: From what we’ve heard, you guys are from SoCal. What’s your favorite spot to grub at?

With no hesitation Derek responded; “King Taco”.

TMN: I know Diplo and DJ Snake have been playing your stuff out. Do you have any future plans of working with them?

Derek: “We keep in contact with Snake. I mean with guys like that, it’s really up to them; it’s not really up to us. If they want to work with us we’re down.”
Scott: “We met Snake at a BASSOLOGY show in Orange county. It was super sick. He’s pretty much the sickest artist that we’ve ever met. One hundred percent positive vibes from that guy.”

TMN: Given the opportunity to learn any instrument, what would it be?

Derek: “Well I know the piano, but I’d really like to take more lessons.”
Scott: “After watching Netsky live at Coachella, for sure drums.”

TMN: Are there any producers on the come up that we should be paying attention to?

Derek: “Nightmare, Kazo” Scott adds: “Elephante”

TMN: If there’s anyone in the world you could slander, who would it be and why?

Derek: “I don’t know; we don’t hate anyone.”
Scott: “Yeah, our whole this is try to be as positive as possible.”

A Few Shoutouts From Slander.

Kian Salari, NGHTMRE, Elephante

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