A.J. Crew
Graduated With The Cords [Pusha T Remix]

Graduation. It’s one of the most monumental experiences of your life, and yet one of the most indescribable as well. For those of you who’ve already gone through the process, just try and think back to the cavalcade of emotions running through you at the time: pride, nostalgia, accomplishment, triumph, hope, and relief represent just a modicum of the countless sentiments bubbling up inside. It’s one of the few occasions that people both celebrate and feel anguish towards at the same time. because it marks both the conclusion of four of the greatest years of your life, and yet it also signals a new path for you to embark on.

What does this all have to do with A.J. Crew? Well, the Toledo-to-Chicago import just recently graduated from Roosevelt University and decided to share his achievement with the world by releasing a new anthem for the Class of 2013. While “Graduated With The Cords” isn’t set to replace “Pomp & Circumstance” at your next commencement, I’d definitely be proud to rock it as a recent graduate. Serving as a remix of Pusha T‘s “Numbers On The Board,” A.J. manages to accomplish what few emcees rarely can when jumping on someone else’s instrumental; he makes it his own.  While I won’t concede that he bests Pusha’s original, he definitely captures its essence and murks the Kanye West production in his very own way.

Grab the free download above, and make sure to check out more from A.J. Crew, including the accompanying music video below, as well as A.J.’s new mixtape, The Reality of It All, after the jump.

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A.J. Crew