Dream On / Dream Off

In a myriad of sounds and styles, Derby UK based CRUSHING BLOWS certainly has a unique sound about them. Some dance punk, some electro, some psych rock – it’s hard to really put a finger on what you would label them as, and we’re certainly not going to try that today. Instead we’re simply going to bring you a premiere of one side of a Double A side single, “Unknown Animal / Dream On / Dream Off,” out October 7th on Snug Recording Company.

This tune enters with a very dreamy soundscape with fluttering synths that partner with lead singer’s heavily treated voice. What you would expect next is a dancy pop tune that would be fit for an iTunes commercial. What you find instead is a heavy rock breakdown (1:45) with a rolling snare, clashing symbols, and heavy distorted guitar riffs. The band keeps you guessing throughout the song, switching from light and airy to heavy and gritty.

Growing up on punk and metal, I loved hearing the inclusion of some heavier elements. These guys know how to craft something truly admirable, and we can’t wait to hear more.

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