DJ Fresh feat Ellie Goulding
Flashlight (Jack Beats '4am' Remix)

We here at TMN are known for finding talent from all over the world; we spend hours upon hours listening to new music from artists from nearly every geographical location on this planet. Since the start of The Music Ninja, we have come to grow with artists from the early development of their sounds. There is truly nothing more exciting than sharing good music while simultaneously watching these individuals impact their listeners on so many different levels of connectivity.

Some time ago, we were introduced to the London electronic music duo, Jack Beats (Beni G & Plus One). They have become an iconic presence in today’s dance music culture and have established a veteran status as a leading force in production. The Music Ninja has been supporting them from the very beginning, so it’s safe to say we kind of like these guys quite a bit, and know their music on a much more personal level than others.

Today we are pretty damn excited to be premiering the latest remix from Jack Beats – in fact, if you’re tuning in right now, you might have just heard this sensational new remix on Pete Tongs BBC Radio 1 show. The two took on a HEAVY new anthem from DnB master, DJ Fresh. DJ Fresh is one of the most well respected UK artists to have ever stepped foot into the music industry and just recently got involved with the lovely Ellie Goulding for their DnB/Pop/Bass-heavy track, “Flashlight”, set to be out on Ministry of Sound later this month.

Jack Beats took on this absurdly wild song and added their signature JB style to give this track a refreshing, chilled out vibe.  Known for their “wobbly basslines, big breakdowns and edgy accapella’s [that are cut], copied and pasted together to create a floor-filling brand of house…” (The Untz), Jack Beats approached “Flashlight” with a similar mindset and blew this track out of the water. The moment we pressed play, we were introduced with these ethereal, ambient elements that artistically mold into a deep, melodic house progression full of intricately woven melodies that ebb and flow. Ellie’s stunning voice on top of these layered basslines effortlessly guide us on an intrinsically stimulating journey that collectively make us feel much more at peace with ourselves. Jack Beats brought us all a much needed solace from within in this remix and it is obvious that these two are pushing their productions to simultaneously give us a physical and mental release through rhythmical patterns. We are extremely fortunate to be premiering this Pete Tong worldwide exclusive of Jack Beats remix with all of you today and are excited to share this with all of you ninjas. These guys have come a long way in their musical careers and our TMN family is happy to say that we have been there since day 1, and will continue to support them from here on out. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the latest from Jack Beats. Cheers, ninjas!

Pre-Order “Flashlight” on iTunes today – out 10/4/2014

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