As summer comes to a sweet sunny end, we’re left holding on to memories of late night beach rendezvous, backyard BBQs, and hours on end in cool refreshing bodies of water. While those memories will keep us warm through the chilly fall and winter months, it’s always nice to have a little assistance.

Brooklyn based psyche-surf rock outfit Fishdoctor has served up a hearty helping of warm vibes with their release “Atlantic”. This tune dropped about a month ago and features fast paced hi hat work that creates a perfect rhythm for the surf rock style guitar strumming and crooning vocals.

Today we’re excited to exclusively premiere the music video to accompany the tune, which features a compilation of a band members’ family home video footage from the 1940’s. The song mixed with the classic footage is a surge of nostalgia that will leave you missing everything that’s great about the summer months.

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