Gentlemen Hall
Sail Into The Sun (RAC Mix)

As the calendar turned to June 1st, we knew we were going to have to start selecting some of our favorite summer tracks. Little did we know, that it would happen so quickly.

Dancy beats? Yep. Wavering vocals? You betcha. Anthemic choruses? Yes sir. While we were already enamored with the original of this tune (via Gentleman Hall), we knew fun remixes were coming down the pike. And after just four short months since it’s release, “Sail Into the Sun” has received a fresh new sound from one of our personal favorites.

Aside from having a solidified spot in our office rotation, RAC can always be counted on to serve up a fun remix. The best part about the Remixing Artist Collective though is the wide spectrum of genres he remixes, and creates through his remixes. Today we’re happy to bring you a premiere of their take on “Sail Into the Sun”. For this project, the amped-up poppy tempo of the original is dialed back a little bit creating a chill nu disco vibe. Even though the track has a different feel from the original, it still maintains it’s warm summery feel.

I had a blast working on this song. The source material is so catchy. – RAC
RAC is the band’s favorite DJ so when we reached out to Andre and he said he’d do it, we were running around the house jumping for joy. He completely nailed the remix. It’s quite euphoric. I can see it being used at chill out time after a night of partying. – Gentlemen Hall

Take a listen, and make sure this one lands in your next poolside playlist.

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