Hardwell And W&W
Jumper (Ahzee Remix)

New York producer/DJ Ahzee has been impressing us with each and every release he’s been dropping. This time around he’s chosen to tackle another gigantic title with a remix of Hardwell and W&W’s “Jumper”. One thing that we’ve noticed, beside the monstrous tracks he tries to tackle, is how Ahzee has a knack for really redefining a track. It’s more than just sampling up some lyrics, adding in some new synths, and calling it a day. He really creates something completely different, that still maintains just enough essence of the original. In “Jumper” Ahzee has taken away the electro house buzzing synths and replaced them with a simplistic, clean xylophone style drop. The higher notes accent the big banging bass perfectly, creating something that any festival goer would love to hear.

We haven’t heard too much original stuff from him, but typically when you hear remixes this good, the original stuff will be coming along sooner rather than later. Keep your eyes peeled, this kid’s got talent.

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