Fire Flowerz, the fresh Italian producing duo have been producing since 2007 and it is a real shame on our side for not have discovered them sooner. Taking on Herve’s “How Can I Live Without You” off his upcoming album ‘Pick Me Up, Calm Me Down, Sort Me Out’, Fire Flowerz packs the track with a high energy bassline that morphs at will as the anthem-like bigger-than-life strings carry the song through each break and build up. High intensity electro that does not overpower, letting the wonderful vocals pierce through, this Italian duo polishes an already excited track with enough an european electro style wishing us we were raving at Ibiza.

To celebrate the release of his album ‘Pick Me Up, Calm Me Down, Sort Me Out,’ Herve is giving all you ninjas the exclusive download.

”Herve – How Can I Live Without You (Make it Right) (Fire Flowerz Remix)”
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