Few bands we’ve encountered do a better job of combining complex acoustic guitar with electronic elements than San Francisco’s Mosaics. The trio, who rocked our last showcase in SF, return today with a single ripe for the summer and we’re excited to be bringing you the premiere. “Chromophilia” grows out of an oscillating synth accompanied by similarly swaying vocals before dropping into a hypnotizing acoustic interlude. When the track erupts out of that gorgeous lull and into its chorus, the song truly hits stride combining continued, steady guitar with a pulsing synth-laden backdrop and addicting vocal accompaniment.

“Chromophilia” arrives right in time for the summer proving one of the catchiest tunes we’ve heard from Mosaics thus far all the while building off of the experimentation displayed in their debut LP, Of Colors. We’re excited to hear what else they have in store on their upcoming EP, due out this fall, but in the meantime this will definitely be in heavy rotation over the summer.

P.S. You can read our interview with Mosaics from back in February here.

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