Earlier this week we were digging through the hoards of facebook direct messages, sorting through what we wanted to post, and what we were going to pass on. Well, we came across a very simple IM, with not a whole lot of information regarding the track. For some reason, we decided to click the link, and give it a list. We’re sure as hell glad that we did.

This is AstroKrat. The 23 year old producer from Toronto, who has only released one other track, has graciously allowed us to present this premiere. The track is a hard pounding, complextro remix of Battlme’s cover of Neil Young’s “My My,Hey Hey – Out Of The Blue”. Last night on Hot 107.1 we premiered a track to the city of Denver, and internet listeners all across the nation, and today we’re premiering it for you.

’Neil Young / Battleme – Hey Hey, My My (Astrokrat Remix)’
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