As many of you know, we love discovering young new artists. It’s definitely one of the best things about doing what we do. However, it’s just as much fun to see young artists progress and venture into new and more unique sounds.

We first stumbled across Nexus with his dubstep tune “Ginger Kids.” With each release came a little more maturity in production, but today brings an entirely new flavor. Nexus has created something unlike what he’s done before. Instead of the big melodic synths and bass-laden drops, Nexus has dialed this tune up with classic piano keys, guitar and a big buzzing bassline. At first listen, we couldn’t help but here the similarity to Pretty Lights and other artists that do the EDM/Hip Hop cross over. Maybe those bright sunny summertime rays have soaked in, making Nexus want to give us that warm weather vibe. However it happened, we’re stoked it did.

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