Now this has been a fun week with our wonderful resident artist Figure. We were able to sit down and have a fun interview and learn some really great things about Josh (and about his favorite shoes and food, anyone else like sushi and a good pair of Jordan tennis?). So sit back and get to know Mr Gard on a little bit more of an intimate level.

TMN: First off, we just wanted to say thanks again for being our first resident artist of the month and that we have enjoyed working with you and all your wonderful managing crew. You all are kick ass. Boom.
Now we would like to dive right in. Traditional interviews are great and we love doing them, gives the fans a bit of insight into an artist music world and gives the artist a chance to express themselves and get fans excited about upcoming shows. But we decided to go off the grid with the traditional because we want to know a bit more about YOU Josh Gard and what it means to be Figure. We also would like to have a few laughs and get some insight into the person behind the amazing music.

TMN: So tell us, we will start simple, what is your favorite drink (booze or no booze, your choice)?

Water, Bold Coffee and Dark Dark beer! I don’t really booze it up much at shows anymore though , but I do like to have a drink.

TMN: Every artist has a way of coming up with new music. Some spend hours in the studio working on one song. Some artists put together a mix of different beats to not have full songs but the start of many songs. Some artists grab a drink, smoke a little smoke and see where the night takes them. Describe in your own words what a typical day/night of music making looks like for you.

Well it all changed once I started traveling, for the better in my opinion. I used to sit at home in my basement and work on music, with nothing else to do, other than act like I was job hunting. But once I started travelling, my time at home has become just that: MY time at home. Now 80% of my production is done on the road in various headphones I travel with and then tested in clubs. Once I’m home I mix and master it all in the studio, but the creative stuff, is all on planes and in hotels!

I love it, it takes all the empty slow boring time out of traveling, because I am always working on tunes!

TMN: You have played in so many countries and cities all over the world. I’m not trying to make you play favorites here but is there one city that sticks out in your mind that just blew you away?

Hell yea, Denver and Chicago hands down. I love all my crowds, all the cities.. but I feel a certain energy in those cities .. Something is very very right there.

TMN: You are a Midwest boy born and bred. Tell us some of your favorite things about Indiana. Is there a certain restaurant you always go to when you get home from a tour?

Well, Indiana is actually super boring.. and that’s why I love it.
We live far out in the country, my neighbor has horses and all that.. It’s great. There’s a few food places, one good sushi spot and a good sandwich spot. My girlfriend and I either stay in and hermit down in the house or drive to Louisville, Nashville, or Saint Louis to go shopping and run around. Since I live in a small city, it’s hard to go out for 5 min to the mall or something and not see tons of people you know, grew up with, want to ignore.. or used to date.

Haha I always tell my producer friends to come fly out .. let’s make some music, cook burgers and shoot guns …no one has taken me up on that yet.

TMN: Walk us through a typical morning routine from the time you open your sleepy eyes.

If I’m home, it involves my girlfriend trying to wake me up for an hour; I love sleeping and I try to avoid waking up as much as possible. When I finally get up, we make coffee.. open the windows .. and watch some tv shows or play with our cats.
The typical shows, always playing catch-up: Walking Dead , American Horror Story , Dexter , Parks and Rec , and some other ones.
I normally have laundry and all that to catch up on from all the suitcase shit, then we decide either to go out and run around town for food or stay at home and do nothing. I like doing nothing when I’m home. When you’re mostly on planes you get tired of being on the go. You get in from a show at 4am, wake up at 8am and head to the airport. Day in day out that will get to you, so home now is always a time for rest.

TMN: I’ve noticed that you are quite the shoe man, and I commend you for your awesome taste in tennis shoes (I am personally a Jordan girl; I really respect your Jordan collection). But if you could only have one pair of these bad boys to wear for your shows, what pair would you choose and why?

Haha that’s rad you’re into sneakers as well. My answer is going to sound dumb.. so I’ll need explain it a bit first: I used to buy Jordans I thought were dope and semi hard to find. It got to the point I would sit and stare at them and figure out what to rock (it sounds so girly!) I quickly learned it was too much; I didn’t have a favorite, favorite pair.. I just ‘dug’ them all.

But once I found the brand new black Yeezy 2’s.. that was it. I bought 2 pairs and honestly have only worn maybe 4 other pairs of shoes in the 10 months I’ve had these (I have them on now).
Not only are they made better than any other pair I own, they’re comfy and look so fucking dope with anything, plus the bottoms glow! The only downside is the doods always trying to stop you and have an instant sneakerhead connection. They get weirded out that I’m dirtying up $2000+ pair of shoes. I think it’s pointless to have tons of shoes you aren’t going to wear. Now I only pick up sneakers I know I’m going to wear unless the sole falls off.
I’m sitting next to 2 huge boxes full of brand new Nikes that I’m going to donate to a local children’s organization for the lower income families. I’ve already donated a good amount of shoes; I think it’s just so dope to be able to give kids their first, maybe only, pair of Jordans they’ll own. To some kids, having at least a good pair of sneakers makes their year. At least it did for me when I was young.

TMN: You are also a cat man if I am not mistaken. How many do you have? Do any of them have the ability to shoot lasers from their eyes? Please tell me one might be named Dracula or the Boogey-man.

I bet my cats have powers. They sure as shit like to destroy while I’m gone. One is named Wednesday, from my first major crush as a kid, Wednesday Addams of course. Then we have the brother and sister (or are they?) Jack and Meg. There are some details missing to prove they are brother and sister, just like the White Stripes had for the press back in the day.. so we thought it was fitting.

TMN: If you could trade places with anyone for a day, who would you choose?


TMN: Amazing answer. Name three things that are always in your fridge.

Well we give our cats bottled water, so TONS of water. Fruit and Coffee! We keep our fridge pretty basic here, we buy stuff to cook for that night and it’s gone.

TMN: Favorite food andddd go!

Sushi or a good Burrito. There is a place here called Nagasaki and their sushi is SO good, it’s crazy cuz it’s in Indiana.. We don’t understand how they pull it off; seeing how landlocked we are over here.

TMN: Last but not least, if you could throw on a cape, slap on some spandex, mask your face from the villains of night, which superhero would you body yourself with?

Galactus, I think. Not really a hero but, I mean, to be THAT massive in space and to eat planets.. I think would be more epic than just flying for a day!

TMN: Mr. Gard, thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to chat with us. Good luck with your Space and Time tour, we have already heard great things. Oh, and Jordan’s all the way every day.

Awesome questions 🙂 thanks so much!

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