Markus Schulz
GDJB World Tour: Chicago

Everyone likes for the end of the year to go out with a bang, and TMN is no exception to this desire.

For our last Resident Artist before the New Year, we wanted to find someone whose music speaks for itself, someone who is beloved by many and who continues to demonstrate their undeniable musical talent.Please welcome to the stage, Mr. Markus Schulz.

Over the last 10 years this insane DJ has crafted the individual music identities of progressive, trance, and house into his own unique fusion sound. In 2008 Schulz broke into the #10 on DJ Magazine’s Top 100 chart and since then he has continued his great success playing over 150 gigs a year, two label releases, millions of listenership, his personal Global DJ broadcast and he holds the title last year for DJ Times Magazine reader-voted America’s Best DJ.
Like many artists, Schulz’s love for dance music started at a young age. He emigrated from Germany to the United States when he was little and here, when he was just 13, he became enamored with the breakdance scene. From there he started to remix songs and his DJ career was born. Schulz’s sound was quickly noticed by European DJs. In 2004, he signed with heavyweight DJ agency David Lewis Productions (also home to Armin Van Buuren, a friend of Schulz’s). From this point on, the list of Schulz’s accomplishments as a DJ and a producer expand far beyond just one blog post. The truth is in his music, Schulz has been a prominent face of dance music for quite some time and will continue to spread his love of the music to as many countries, cities, and people as he can.
Here’s to ending 2013 with a dance music legend whose name is Markus Schulz.

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