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Thomas Gold is no new name to the house music world, dare I even say to the music world. He has already had an incredible year that will continue into the summer festival season that is slowly creeping up on us. We were beyond excited to get to spend some one on one time with Gold while scaling the Ultra Music scene in Miami a few weeks back and we are thrilled that we get a second opportunity to sit down with the house legend to go beyond the music and really discover what makes Gold so Gold.

TMN: First off Thomas, you already know we at TMN are such, such huge fans of yours and your set at Ultra was a-m-a-z-i-n-g. Tell us how you felt about the Ultra experience, when you weren’t driving around in your personal Thomas Gold fan bus with all your ecstatic fans? (In case you didn’t know, Thomas had a TG Fan Bus made up with a DJ booth, a dance floor and a few bars for his fans and fellow DJ’s to enjoy. Brilliant idea).

Playing Ultra (this was my first time!) was such a great experience, it was simply overwhelming! I was lucky to play two different stages, the Megastructure stage at weekend 1 and then main stage at weekend 2. And both of them were incredible. The light and FX system in the megastructure was one of the most impressive and biggest I’ve ever seen and the energy in the tent was huge! I still get goosebumps from watching the videos. And then of course, playing Ultra main stage in front of all these people was another level. You could feel how much fun the people had and I got quite excited while I was playing, seeing all those hands in the air! The whole Ultra experience was just breathtaking.

TMN: As the summer season approaches, where are you looking forward to playing the most? Any certain festivals or cities that you always look forward to playing in?

I’m really looking forward to play in Ibiza again; I actually can’t wait to get all my dates! And of course I’m stoked for Tomorrowland and the upcoming EDCs as I have so great memories of playing there last year!
I’ll be doing a big US tour all through May and from then on I’ll be going back and forth between Europe and America, and there are so many places I love to play. I think it’s also this kind of summer vibe, which I’m excited about in general!

TMN: We know that your music history dates back to when you were a small boy and you had electronic keyboard lessons. You always say you need a real keyboard in front of you whenever you make your music. Do you ever just have a day where you jam out on your keyboard or do you happen to have a baby grand laying around the house?

I do not have a baby grand but in fact, I have a lot of keyboards laying around in my house haha! I’ve got them in all different sizes from very small (which fits into my laptop bag) up to my main keyboard in the studio (which has weighted keys like a real piano keyboard). Sometimes I just spend hours jamming around with no special focus. It’s just about the fun. But I get a lot of ideas out of these random “sessions” which I save in my computer and these can always be a starting point for a new track!
Apart from this, I’m still trying to get used to play melodies and chords on my laptop keyboard and I’m slowly getting better!

TMN: Now let’s shift over to some questions with a little spunk in them. Your last name is Gold, is that your real last name or a stage name that you took?

Gold is a stage name. Thomas although is my real name.

TMN: Please tell me someone has given you a few amazing nicknames, for example, King Midas, Gold Finger, Goldilocks (no blonde hair but hey, you may like porridge right?)

Oh yes, there are a few! But mostly I’ve heard Goldfinger and Goldilocks!

TMN: You are from Germany, the country of beer, sausages and Oktoberfest. Are you a beer, sausages and Oktoberfest kind of guy?

Haha! I don’t think all of Germany is about beer, sausages and Oktoberfest. Here in Berlin people are not too much into the Oktoberfest (as it’s taking place in the south of Germany).
But – yes, I do love beer! Sausages – I love the Currywurst but it’s more of a thing, I’m not doing regularly (and not at home), it’s more one of these “ah, I’m back home, let’s have a Currywurst” things 🙂
I’ve been to the Oktoberfest a few years ago for a couple of times and I loved the vibe! I have one of those traditional Bavarian costumes, which I’d wear when I go there (it’s big fun as many people do this!) I hope I’ll find some time in the future to attend again…

TMN: What are three things always in your suitcase?

Keyboard. instant coffee. Chargers (all possible kinds but there is still always one missing).

TMN: You just walked out onto the stage to start your body jumping set, what are you wearing, go!

T-shirt, jeans, sneakers and headphones!

TMN: If you were stuck on the runway at an airport and you could only listen to one song on repeat for an hour, what song would that be?

I’d listen to “Aaron” by Paul Kalbrenner – good mood song and never gets boring!

TMN: Did you know gummy bears were invented by a German? Little fun fact for you ☺ I think everyone has a candy they couldn’t live without, what is your favorite of favorite candy?

Of course I know that! It was Hans Riegel (he was based in Bonn) and he founded HaRiBo!! His gummy bears are extremely popular here in Germany and I love them! But asking for the candy I could not live without, it would definitely be the Mars chocolate bar! I can die for that!

TMN: As always Thomas, it is such a pleasure to get some time with you. Best of luck to you this year and many years to come we can’t wait to see everything you touch turn to Gold.

Thanks to you guys, it was my pleasure!

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