Lazy Love

Well, there is a certain holiday this Friday that has to do with lots of, well, love.

So what better then to premiere a video that embraces all that is love or more, the simplicity of a lazy love between two people?
Today we have the pleasure of premiering Miss Angela Ricci’s video for her song ‘Lazy Love’. A beautiful slow paced song with a whimsical in-love feeling throughout the whole piece, the video balances out the song quite nicely. Filmed in all black and white, the visuals portray the ballad’s nostalgic essence where Ricci promenades through the cobbled streets in an Italian city. A very Hepburn-like feel, this video tasks listeners back to the basics when it comes to love: what the girl is thinking, what the guy is thinking, what they do when they are apart and when they are together. So wherever you are this Friday, and everyday after, may you always feel a bit of this kind of lazy love with that special someone.

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