Shuhandz & High Flown

Every day, we’re bombarded with email submissions from publicists, record label reps, managers, and even agents. I’m not saying that’s necessarily a bad thing. We often find incredible music and have the unique chance to bring a debut look at a new artist. On the other hand, sometimes it can get a bit overwhelming, but that’s just the way the industry works.

As much as we love our associates in the industry, a lot of us got into this to share the music we found. We came up in an era of Soundcloud and Bandcamp scouring. It didn’t matter if a track was one week or one year old, we posted it because we thought it was good.

So, we’re going to get back to this. And, we’re going to start today with our first ever #TMNMailbag post. No publicists. No managers. No label reps. These tracks are coming directly from the artists, and in this case, from Asheville-resident Shuhandz.

Released a few months back, “Apex” is a collaboration with High Flown, another North Carolinian. It picked up a decent head of steam, racking up over 20k streams and healthy spattering of comments that fell for the chilled out vibes.

With a silky smooth bassline, calculated percussion work, light guitar hits, and ethereal, vocal synths, “Apex” could be somewhat of a go-between track. It could be picked up by your heavy bass head, looking for a chance to wind down at the end of the night. On the other hand, fans of ambient electronic music could be swayed to start checking out more drippy trap tunes like this one.

Make sure to keep your eye on Shuhandz moving forward.

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