Way To Grow
(Tnertle x Passion Pit x Lucius x Gentlemen Hall x KING x Sydney Wayser)

Colorado based electronic hip hop producer duo TNERTLE is back at it again. If you’re not familiar with this self-proclaimed “samptronic” outfit, you will be after today. We’ve been long time fans of this Mile High City musicians for quite some time, posting pretty much everything they does.

Their style is infectious, meticulously sampling and infusing jazz, electronica and hip hop elements to create a sound that we just can seem to get enough of. Today we’re featuring a tune that exemplifies this. “Way To Grow” is a playful collage of samples from their friends at Berklee School of Music who are on the up and up. Including bits and pieces from the likes of Passion Pit, Lucius, King, Gentlemen Hall and Syndney Wayser, it’s a well thought out homage.

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