Tom Budin
Cheeky Charlie

Can you hear that, ninjas? It’s faint, but it’s becoming stronger with each passing minute. Soon, you’ll realize that it’s the sweet siren call of the weekend, and she’s beckoning you with her open arms. Luckily for all of us, Australian up and comer Tom Budin has something to pair perfectly with the weekend’s gesticulation to come hither and get down.

Releasing today on Ultra Records, “Cheeky Charlie” is a dialed up future house tune that sizzles with a dramatic dancefloor presence. With a pronounced bassline, future house style melody, playful vocal chops, and a stadium anthem style progression, it’s sure to kick things into gear for your Friday festivities.

Whether you’re just trying to get through the rest of your workday or you’re already pregaming for a long night out on the town, “Cheeky Charlie” is the perfect accompaniment. Take a listen above, then head to Beatport and snag it for yourself.

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