You might remember Tomato’s Awesome Two Weeks Remix back in April. Just recently Tomato has released 12 remixed tracks on his new album, (dub)auchery available for free download on his myspace. What I like most about the tracks on this album, or pretty much most of his songs for that matter, is his ability to keep a much calmer electronic approach on his remixes. It is not always about adding that phat bass and frequency stretching we have come to love, but rather focusing more on the subtle melodies contained in the original songs. Make sure you download a copy of his album…. Its FREE!!

The Funeral (Band of Tomatoes Remix)

’The Funeral (Band of Tomatoes Remix)’

Videotape (Tomato Remix)

’Videotape (Tomato Remix)’

Notorious House Party

’Notorious House Party’
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