We are the Champions

A few weeks back, we had a good, old fashioned blog-a-thon, which spanned an entire weekend. From Friday to Sunday, our writers were pitted against each other, whipping out posts left and right until there were no musical stones unturned. The end result? A shit load of amazing music was shared.

Aside from a cash reward, some TMN merch, and living in blogger infamy, the winner of this contest was also promised a congratulatory post on the site. So, I’d like to take a moment to recognize the greatness that is Jordan Grammer. Facing off against some of the meanest bloggers in the game, this guy cranked out over 40 posts in the span of 72 hours. That’s pretty unbelievable. On top of which, every single post was top-notch, well written, and was on a song released within a month’s time. Even more remarkable was the fact that he cancelled a date just to compete. That’s dedication.

So, congrats Jordan. You’re the champion of the 2014 TMN Summer Blog-a-thon. Enjoy your riches, fame, and space in TMN history.

If you’d like to scope Jordan’s work here on TMN, do so by clicking here.

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