Our affinity with TOTEM pre-dates anything you’ll find on this incredibly gifted, NYC-based crooner’s soundcloud page. We did some digging, and our earliest posts feature songs that are, well, no longer featured. Sad as it may be, fear not, as we have some good news for you. October 9th brings another tasty selection of tunes from this golden-voiced indie artist, giving fans a few more reasons to swoon.

As we said before, Echoes drops in only a matter of days, and “Heartease” is the fourth and final song to come out ahead of it’s full, official release. Joining “All Falls Down”, “Unrequited” and “Comfortable,” all of which have already come out via SoundCloud, this emotionally charged ride highlights TOTEM’s powerful yet delicate vocals, set to the cinematic backdrop of soaring piano chords, understated percussion, and a provocative bassline.

One of the first songs I ever wrote and definitely a sentimental favorite of mine. It’s about a very specific person and a very specific time I just needed to just get away from her for the sake of my own emotional well-being. I was feeling a lot all at once and I stumbled across a book entitled “Give My Poor Heart Ease: Voices of the Mississippi Blues”. The blues was what I had and I felt exactly that my heart was in dire need of a break. Writing this song helped give me a little bit of perspective, thankfully.

If you’re digging this tune, we highly recommend heading over to iTunes and pre-ordering the full EP. In fact, you should pry just do it now, so you won’t forget.

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