The mystery and lore surrounding TOTEM has been palpable over the last few months. While the most significant uncertainties of the world are things like: who built the pyramids, where Jimmy Hoffa is buried, or who really killed JFK, as music nerds, we’re pretty damn concerned with what TOTEM’s story is.

We broke this interest-grabbing act back in June with our premiere of “In & Out.” The sultry, vocal driven track hits a range most could only dream of. At that point, we had little to no information on this artist. Fast forward to today. TOTEM has put out a handful of other songs, but no one really knows anything about this golden-voiced mystery man. Until now.

With the premiere of his latest tune, Sophmore(on)ic, we here at The Music Ninja have been offered up an exclusive clip of the man himself explaining what he’s about. So, take off your Sherlock Holmes hat, set your phone on silent and pay attention.

Why TOTEM? I’ve always been interested in different cultures and the way they represent themselves. Because, what really makes two groups of people different? It’s a shared cultural history. It’s a link to some kind mythology, usually. There is different ways of acting that out…of showing an identity. What you see over and over again throughout the world is the use of the totem, which is really a symbol of that shared experience.
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