It makes 100% sense that Candyland would take a stab at remixing “Candy” by Dillon Francis and Snappy Jit. It would also make 100% sense that she killed it, which she did. Not only that, but she decided to deliver it to the internet as a free download. There’s no excuse to not grab this one.

“Candy” in its new form is a twerk-friendly bass track that is sure to get the party started, or if the party is already going, then it’s going next level when this drops. Things get groovy in a hurry with Candyland’s adaptation whose bubbling basslines are meant to get those booties shaking. It’s always nice to hear a great track get a solid remix, which should come as no surprise given the remixer. Stream “Candy” today and don’t forget to download for a whopping cost of $0.

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