Feed Me
Rat Trap

If you needed a reason (but who really needs those?) to get excited for Feed Me‘s upcoming album, Calamari Tuesday, this would be it. “Rat Trap” was first previewed around this time last year in Feed Me’s Essential Mix for BBC Radio 1, but now we finally have our hands on the complete, original release. It’s almost difficult to gauge just how amped up this epic trap anthem gets us around the TMN offices, but let’s just say by the end we were jumping off the walls and ceilings (although that is pretty commonplace for us, given that we are ninjas and all). Honestly though, if you ever needed to make an entrance anywhere, I can’t see why this wouldn’t be your number one choice. From the reverberating bass to the video game style blips this track has just about everything you need. Check it out above and let us know if you were able to resist pressing the play button multiple times after your first listen. Be on the lookout for Calamari Tuesday, when it drops on October 14th.

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