Andy Gruhin and Josh Grant, who make up the duo Fight Night, came out with their debut EP, Underground, at the beginning of the month. Five tracks, including the previously supported “Call Me Back” are what comprise this versatile EP. Although the sounds are largely within or alike to the trap genre, the guys infuse differing styles to bring a lively EP to the table.

Other than two listed collaborators, ChooKy, and ian., Fight Night created the EP through their own wherewithal. Tracks like “Living A Lie” and “Forever” have strong tones taken from the sounds of alternative rock from the 2000’s, which had to have been music the guys grew up on at least in part. Both “Call Me Back” and “Follow Through” are more traditionally what you would think of regarding the electronically incorporated trap genre. Lastly, we have the poppy “Keep Me In Your Heart” that is the most radio-friendly record off the EP. Underground is available as a free download, so you don’t really have an excuse to not get a copy.

’Living A Lie (feat. ChooKy)’
’Call Me Back’
’Follow Through’
’Keep Me In Your Heart (feat. ian.)’
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