Just A Gent
Limelight ft. R O Z E S (NGHTMRE Remix)

Everyone already knows NGHTMRE can make musical magic. Whether it’s with an original or, especially a remix, the Los Angeles producer manages to move listeners with his creations. NGHTMRE’s latest reinterpretation, this time being of “Limelight” by Just A Gent and R O Z E S, is an interesting listen.

It’s definitely trappy, but the introduction leaves you ready for anything as it is essentially only an atmosphere. Then, the drop comes in and one of the more intriguing synth lines we’ve heard comes in to take things up and away. Well, to be honest, there’s more than just one synth, but you’ll know which one we’re referring to. All together, this new version of “Limelight” is a mighty record that you’re sure to be hearing more of in the next few months if you hit up events. For your own events, or perhaps a lonesome listening session, download the track for free here.

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