If you don’t know The Block Society, you better get to familiarizing yourself with their crew. One of the boys who is a part of their familial team is the talented producer LEViT∆TE. If you don’t know LEViT∆TE, you better get to familiarizing yourself with him and his catalog, starting with his most recent release, the Heavyweight EP, a collaborative project created alongside Holly.

After you hear this EP, you’ll understand why LEViT∆TE scored a collaboration with the almighty Bassnectar. This cat, and Holly, devised three hybrid singles that will blow the roof off any venue, anywhere. “They Don’t” is the introductory track that comes with some industrial vibes that are juxtaposed with grinding basses and dripping wet synth hits. The title track finds itself in the middle with its high capacity for jaw-dropping low frequencies. It’s style is similar to the first single, but when we get to the closing track, things move in a bit of a different direction. “Caliper” was released a few months ago as a single, and finds itself as the last song on Heavyweight. Although it deserves a spot on the project, the composition is a bit more unconventional than the previous singles. Check out all three below, and try to pick a favorite. Word of warning: choosing a favorite is going to be a harder task than you think.

’LEViT∆TE & Holly – They Don’t’
’LEViT∆TE & Holly – Heavyweight’
’LEViT∆TE & Holly – Caliper’
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