Ryden is a true artist. She’s not here for the hype, she’s here because she has some messages to express with the hope of connecting to listeners in a meaningful way. She’s already put out two amazing singles and now she’s here with “Unbroken.”

Hip-hop has permeated all of Ryden’s work prior to this, so it isn’t so surprising she would keep that trend going. With “Unbroken” we get what I would say is her best track yet, which abides by her second trend of topping each previous release. Ryden dips a bit more into the EDM style of trap with this one, making it not only an emotional roller coaster, but a banger in every form of the word. It’s hard to keep a balance between connecting with people on a deep level and making them rage, but Ryden does so with ease. Grab “Unbroken” today for free.

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