De Hofnar
Shower (Bootleg)

Well, we have reached that day ninjas…the day where we have to hang up our bathing suits and trade it all in for real clothes because it’s the first day of school (for this ninja, at least) and our Summer is officially over. For those of you who are out of school and don’t really know what the concept of Summer is, well we’re sorry that this day means nothing to you. While you sit there at your 9-5 and we set our alarms to some ambitious hour, just know that in a few months we will understand your pain.

As we prepare for another Monday of monotonous hell, we really need something to wake our spirits and set the tone for our day. We decided to turn to De Hofnar and his latest bootleg of Becky G’s “Shower”. As soon as we heard his version we couldn’t help but feel as if we were driving down Highway 1 with all of our girlfriends and some Starbucks. This Summery, sax-heavy bootleg takes Tropical House to an entirely new level of “FETCH”. Make sure to grab your free download and take these tropical feels with you anywhere and anytime.

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