Sam Feldt & De Hofnar
Bloesem (Original Mix)

After a whirlwind of bangers all morning, we have finally found a little down time to mellow out and relax. We always seem to find ourselves perusing through the melodic house genre when we want to escape to our mental paradise. Whenever we get in these mindsets we typically end up on Sam Feldt’s SoundCloud because he has earned his title as the Melodic House king at this point in the game.

We have featured a few of Sam’s tracks and each and every time we find something new to love about his feel good productions. Just a few days ago, Sam Feldt released a new original track on Spinnin’ Deep Records which he collaborated with fellow producer, De Hofnar. Their new track, “Bloesem”, incorporates everything you can think of that sounds pleasant to the ears; whether it be the tropical pan flute, the heavenly harp, or the groovy bassline, this track has every element to lift your spirits. We go weak for pan flutes and you just might, too, so press play and let your afternoon worries float away.

You can get “Bloesem” today on Beatport here.

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