Chuck Versus the Fear of Death Season 4 Episode 8 featured a wide array of songs from the soft spoken words of Alexi Murdoch, longing vocals of Aushua to the rocking riffs of Operator Please.

With doing a lot of Chuck Soundtracks, a lot of people have asked me to start listing the songs in a nice organized manner without further ado:

Operator Please – Zero Zero
(A group of scientists try to unsuppress the Intersect memories.)

The Constellations – Perfect Day
(Jeff & Lester spy on Greta)

Alexi Murdoch – Towards the Sun
(Casey talks to Alex about his fears of the team being split up)

Aushua – Hiding Place
(Sarah looking at the photo of her & Chuck)

I gotta say I am quite satisfied with most of these songs for Chuck tv Soundtrack Season 4 Episode 8 as most of them were released this year (cept for the Operator Please Zero Zero)

For more soundtrack music coverages please feel free to check back our previous posts from this and past seasons.

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