House Season 8 Episode 20 ‘Post Mortem’ featured two really great tracks worth mentioning. While this season of House is going the ‘Monster of the Week’ route than having a bigger overall story arc, the show still remains strong contender among prime-time drama series.

Opening scene as they carefully take care of the deceased woman, Gareth Dunlop with “Trick of the moonlight” was playing in the background.

’Gareth Dunlop – Trick Of The Moonlight’

And obviously the big weeper at the end when we find out someone from Team House is leaving the hospital, we had Kathleen Edwards’s A Soft Place To Land softy whispering in the background.

’Kathleen Edwards – A Soft Place To Land’

Season 8 Episode 20 ‘Post Mortem’ of the Tv show House MD had an amazing soundtrack collection and we have not been disappointed with the picks since.

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