Tyler Roper
Teeth (ft. M F L R)

Let’s all take a second and admit something – summer is coming to a close. We’ve already noticed the days starting later and later each morning, which is a strong indicator that our favorite season is waning. The best way to hold onto those sweet, sun-soaked vibes is to go out and live it up, and “Teeth” is a solid addition to wherever your final summer adventures might take you.

Crafted by up-and-coming, Long Island-based producer/DJ Tyler Roper, “Teeth” is the first single off his upcoming EP, The Cognition. Listeners will immediately get hooked by this shimmering, warm-weather original which features a sultry, rolling bassline, rapid drum hits, glowing synths, and a set of catchy-as-hell lyrics. Coming together perfectly, the smooth, lush, and inviting tone from M F L R, and flirtatious nature of the lyrics fit the overall laidback nature of “Teeth”

Teeth started out as me tinkering and experimenting with some new ideas. I wanted to make something that had a strong vibe with some ‘thick’ bass, – but still light and easy on the ears. I was fortunate enough to be put in contact with Tyler (M F L R) through my manager, and the stems he shot back were exactly what the song needed. I feel like this song was a huge step for me, and a great learning experience. All I can hope is that it gets peoples’ heads bobbin’! – Tyler Roper

Make sure to keep an eye out for Roper’s upcoming EP, The Cognition, which drops on 8/27 via Jam Family Records.

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