Tyson Kraft
Haunt Me (feat. Tiff Fung)

Enter the dojo for the exclusive first listen to “Haunt Me” by Tyson Kraft to help get you over this week’s hump. The Australian producer enlisted Tiff Fung to hop on this original for some vocal work and together they created a mesmerizing tune.

“Haunt Me” hones in on a future-centric sound. Many producers aiming at this style simply miss the mark, delivering flavorless messes that are anything but memorable; however, Tyson hits the bulls-eye on making a phenomenal record that you can come back to time and time again. A majestic introduction captivates the listener before Tyson tightens his grip with the riveting chorus of the instrumental. “Haunt Me” has everything going for it. Want a copy? Get it on iTunes today.

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