Wajatta (Reggie Watts & John Tejada)

Uh — whoa! First of all John Tejada is a techno genius and Reggie Watts is a brilliant musician. I can remember watching a Reggie Watts video “I just want to” before it went viral. With this video I was completely blown away by Reggie’s voice and his performance, he had me hooked with his new corky musical composition and techniques. We all might know by now Reggie is a permanent fixture on late night tv. John Tejada, where do I start, from Austria, been producing since the late 90’s, has been on every single major house/techno label there ever was. John’s remixes and originals are always top tier of the music food chain. So for these two major influencers to combined forces is quite unique, but not shocking. I love to see all walks of the music spectrum collaborate on all levels.

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