After premiering Ground Zero from Singaporean artist/musician Vanessa Fernandez a.k.a Vandetta, we were instantly hooked. Even based on sheer attractiveness in sound, this would be a keeper. However, when you dig deeper into what actually went into making this EP, you can’t help but just take a step back and glow in admiration for the depth of her artistry.

Inspired heavily by soul, hip-hop, bass and beats, the EP’s sound is a true reflection of her influences. When asked about the concept as a whole, Vandetta said,

The concept for the EP started with the idea of a caged bird. The caged bird metaphorically represents what it feels like being a singer/artist in Singapore. In many ways it is like living in a cage, albeit a very beautiful one. On the surface everything seems so prosperous and clean but there is no soul.

Without actually knowing how to read music, Fernandez took on the daunting production by herself using her mobile set up (Mac, Ableton Live, Focusrite Saffire 6) in a Downtown LA loft, her boyfriend’s house in the San Gabriel Valley and her home in Singapore. As we mentioned in our first premiere, the one thing that really blew us away was the fact that she only uses her voice to create the entire track. Every sound is produced by just that, which we find as a refreshing and unique take on producing something that is truly entirely hers.

You should be familiar with two of her tracks already (“Fly,” and “Ground Zero), as they were released a few weeks ago. The other three tunes from the EP though are equally impressive, with “Walls” being our personal favorite. The EP’s vision stays consistent in this track, harnessing the gorgeous interaction between downtempo, crisp beats, vocal percussion and Fernandez’ soul-rich vocal tone.

This EP is full of avant-garde stylings, yet Vandetta’s classic vocal style brings it all back into the realm of familiarity. Take a moment to listen to all five tracks exclusively here on The Music Ninja.

’Vandetta – WALLS’
’Vandetta – MYNE’
’Vandetta – FLY’
’Vandetta – NUMBER ONE’
’Vandetta – GROUND ZERO’
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