One Last Night (SMLE Remix)

Fifty Shades of Grey? Try Fifty Shades of SMLE.

Once again, we find ourselves writing about the enigmatic producer. We’ve now covered his/her/their work eight times, and we still don’t have any additional information to provide you. In all honesty though, aside from your natural, inquisitive curiosity, doesn’t it all just boil down to amazing music? That’s what we thought.

Taking a crack at “One Last Night,” originally featured on the Fifty Shades of Grey soundtrack, SMLE dazzles listeners once again with a sultry, future bass remix. Harnessing on key portions of Vault’s lyrics, the expertly crafted vocal samples pair up with fluttering synths, ethereal strings, and booming bass. When asked about this approach, SMLE had this to say:

Vaults’ powerful lyrics and enticing vocal melodies heavily influenced our production style in the creation of this remix. Hope you all enjoy.
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