Hot Summer Nights

Ahhh hot summer nights. The epic adventures, the copious amounts of alcohol, the endless chase of the opposite sex, it’s all grand, isn’t it? Nothing encapsulates that vibe better than a well orchestrated video, and that’s just what we have for you today. Manchester born EC Twins teamed up with Denver/LA EDM vocalist Lea Luna and Nejat Barton to make this buzzing electro house summer anthem, “Hot Summer Nights.”

The video, which was done by Blurred Pics, is what you would expect from the title of the track. It’s one of those nights that don’t come around often, but we all wish they would. Epic show? Check. Champagne Showers? You betcha. After parties? Yup. People randomly passed out everyone? Definitely seen that.One thing’s for certain. After watching this video, we’re surely going to have this in our summer playlist rotation. You should too.

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