Meet Little Comets, a four piece indie-rock band from Sunderland, England. The outfit sounds like a strangely amazing mixture of fellow indie-rockers The Wombats and Vampire Weekend, and yet seems uniquely distant from both of these bands.

The strong guitar-work, the undeniable polish, and talent of Little Comets are almost perfectly displayed in “One Night In October.” But while they can work exceptionally well with all of their instruments, the band is so very talented that even when are they stripped down to a single instrument (such as an acoustic guitar), the four manage to make a truly unique and enjoyable experience. I expect big things to come from Little Comets, and at their current rate, they will most certainly not disappoint these expectations.

Their debut album In Search of Elusive Little Comets is set to be due January 31th 2011

Little Comets – One Night In October

’One Night In October’

Little Comets – Joanna (acapella)

’Little Comets – Joanna (acapella)’

Little Comets – Isles Orchestral

’Little Comets – Isles Orchestral’

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