After an overwhelming response from his Angels EP earlier this, Crywolf has definitely showed the world that it’s ok to make music you love and believe in. Now that the world has been introduced to the likes of Crywolf and his emotion-evoking music, he decided to treat his fans with an acoustic music video for his lead single, “Eyes Half Closed”. When he originally sent this to me, I at first thought that the quality of the video wasn’t quite up to par with his actual music, however, once I heard the story it all made sense and I instantly was game to premiere his video here on The Music Ninja.

When it comes to music videos, nearly every single production is thought out and has some sort of chronological order as to how to put every idea together in a tasteful and artistic way. Sometimes artists like to break that chain and go out of their way to create something spontaneous, clever, and captivating – and that is exactly what Crywolf did with his acoustic rendition of “Eyes Half Closed”. The background behind this music video was that Crywolf happened to be messing around on his guitar at home and his roommate/videographer was rushing out the door to meet up with a client. In that moment, Crywolf told his roommate to film him on the spot for fun and games. He didn’t really think anything of it at first because the lack of planning on his part didn’t really reflect how he works as an artist. Then it hit me  – that is the entire point of this video. The fact that this was shot and recorded on an iPhone tells us that art can be captured at any given moment. Whether it be behind studio doors or in your bedroom messing around on a guitar, the artistic value of spontaneity gives us the ability to appreciate these times and bring forth a new movement in the world. After seeing what he had created, Crywolf was drawn to the organic nature of this random vision and decided to create a new acoustic series called: Crywolf Unpulgged. We are extremely happy to be the premiering this video with all of you and we look forward to seeing what the next episode in the series has to offer. We here at TMN hope you enjoy this video – it may not be the quality you came for, but the story behind this gem makes us love the iPhone 5 quality that much more. Stay tuned for more Crywolf Unplugged and keep your eyes peeled for his upcoming EP with Ianborg this fall.

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