Indie-rock trio Turtle Giant (who are originally from Brazil, but now based out of Macau) recently released the song “We Were Kids,” off their forthcoming All Hidden Places EP. Featuring chiming, distorted guitars and deep, laid-back vocals, the track is a well-crafted and unbelievably catchy surf rock treat. It’s especially hard to resist blaring out “Oh! Oh! Oh!” during the jolting chorus.

Today, The Music Ninja is happy to premiere the official music video for “We Were Kids.” Fittingly, it follows a few adults acting like complete children — food fighting, demonstrating spur of the moment ninja moves (!!), etc. — but more as a tribute to youth and spontaneous fun than brattiness and immaturity. It seems slightly strange at first, but by the end it’s clear that the video suits the music perfectly. Definitely worth a look and listen.

Turtle Giant’s All Hidden Places EP is scheduled to drop on September 18th, but you can stream it in its entirety on the band’s Bandcamp page.

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