River Tiber
The City

Toronto typically isn’t recognized as something of an independent music hotbed , but in the last year or so, we’ve been pretty sonically pleased by the sounds making their way stateside. Tommy Paxton-Beesly, who performs under River Tiber was the latest artist to captivate this writer’s psyche, and along with the 22 year-old’s new single “The City”, we were also the fortunate recipients of a visually stunning music video, directed and arranged by the artist himself. “The City” is a dark, slow burning piece of electronica complimented with a faint 80’s sounding synth and its music video pairs hauntingly well. River Tiber’s latest effort comes as part of a forthcoming collection of songs, Synapses due out this Fall. Stream the audio track above if you don’t have the time to watch a music video, but we recommend the latter.

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