A lot of things were said about tUnE-yArDs’ 2009 debut album, most of which overwhelmingly positive, and with good reason. Lead singer, and front-woman for the project, Merrill Garbus has some amazing vocal qualities, and her arrangements have never ceased to impress me. The same is true for her latest entry “Bizness” off of her upcoming album, w h o k i l l.

The song is instantly likable with an assortment of brilliant synths and beats. By the time the lead vocals get brought into the track you’re already so far in love with the track that they merely add onto the brilliance. “Bizness”—much like the video above—is an exceptionally bold and colorful track that encourages more silliness and dancing than I could ever possibly imagine alone. I invite you all to join me in joyful dance.

w h o k i l l, tUnE-yArDs’ sophomore album, will be released April 19th through 4AD.

tUnE-yArDs – Bizness

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