Ever since Deadmau5‘s rant about DJ’s just pressing buttons, people have been saying that the majority of DJs have no skill in terms of mixing. Well these three videos will show you that A-Trak does not fall in that category, he on the other hand has been murdering the tables since he was 15.

This first video is part of what he calls “Short Cuts” and consists of him in some hilarious outfits absolutely destroying the classic anthem “Ghosts N’ Stuff”. All I know is that this is pure genius, especially what he does at 1:28, which might be one of the best live drops ever conceived. The next video is some doing a similar routine on his track with Dillon Francis, titled “Money Makin'”. The last video is in here to give you some perspective on this guys ability, and how long he has been murdering dance floors. It is a video of him spinning the the DMC World Championships in 1997 and mixing all sorts of classic Hip-Hop tracks. Cheers.


A-Trak – Ghosts’ N Stuff Routine

A-Trak – Money Makin’ Routine

A-Trak – DMC World Chamionships 1997

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